I worked in the environment sector for a while, following my studies in Geography and Remote Sensing & Geographic Information Systems. How does the average person keep up in the seemingly losing battle for the environment? Yeah, I don’t know either. But we’ll only find out by sharing ideas, so here goes!

In terms of credentials, this is where I’m supposed to know the most. Sometimes I feel like it’s the area I understand the least. In such a dynamic world, understanding the complexities of the natural and human environments is almost too much for one person. Hell, it’s too much for many people. Hence why the human race can’t agree on what the issues are and how they are caused [case in point: anthropogenic climate change].

Understanding the huge range of issues facing this planet is a massive task, but it is the only way we better ourselves and move forward. I’m particularly interested in the impacts of agriculture on the environment, along with sharing ideas about sustainable solutions to the problems we face; such as urban greening, sustainable drainage systems and community-based projects.

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