10 reasons you should go on solo adventures

1. You don’t have to accommodate other people. This one is obvious. You don’t have to work out dates you can all do, you don’t have to think about other people’s physical abilities, you don’t have to consider their financial situation.

2. You have the freedom to change and adapt your plans. Fancy going a bit off piste? You don’t have to check in with anyone else, it’s up to you!

3. You can choose where to eat. Always a hassle. Vegetarian, vegan, doesn’t like Mexican. There’s always something.

4. People talk to you more. When you are with a group, you’re less approachable. Traveling solo everyone wants a chat. Particularly in places where you stand out. Yes, this could be considered a con too, but nine times out of ten you’ll end up meeting interesting people!

5. Processing time. For some of us, getting out and doing something physical, alone with only our thoughts is the best way to sort out the noise in your buzzing brain.

6. You become more organised. When it all down to you, it all lands on you to make it work.

7. Or, you become less organised! At the same time, you could go the other way! It’s only you relying on your plans, so maybe you could just wing it? Who knows!

8. You begin to learn (and push) your limits. When you’ve got the safety net of other people to sort you out, it’s easy to get complacent. On your own, in whatever situation, you have to know what you are capable of. You need to know where to stop. But with time, this also becomes the space you begin to push. This is an exciting space to be.

9. You begin to value your group and Solo adventures differently. There might be times on a solo adventure where you appreciate (and miss!) your mates. I’ve found that certain things can be way better alone; going at your own pace, having freedom of choice, more opportunities to meet people… However, there will be some times when you think, ‘I wish so and so was here’. I think this is a good thing, it makes you appreciate those times and people more.

10. You’ll feel pride in yourself. Remember that apprehension as you look up at the mountain, or forest, or whatever it is you are about to attempt alone. Once it’s done, you’ll look back on that and think ‘I did it.’ There will be no self doubt, that others have helped you or that you needed someone else there. You did it. And that confidence will carry through to other aspects of life.

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